Breakup app delivers the ugly truth so you don't have to

Breakup app delivers the ugly truth so you don’t have to

Let’s face it, breaking up with someone is a messy, awkward business. But, good news: Now you can end your relationship the lazy way with an app that will handle your breakup for you. It’s called Binder and it’s absolutely perfect — if you’re a horrible person.

The app, available now on iOS and Android, appears to be loosely based on Tinder — it helps automate breakups by allowing you to end a relationship with just one swipe to the right.

In order to take advantage of Binder’s relationship-ending service, simply choose the gender of your (soon to be ex) significant other, add in their name and phone number, choose from a list of hilariously brutal reasons (like, “our relationship is as patchy as your beard”), swipe right and the app takes care of the rest.

Those on the receiving end are treated to an equally harsh breakup text message and phone call, relaying the sad news in the bluntest way possible, though the phone calls are easily the most heartless.


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