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Boys Club Listen Up! Why women have office husbands (CONFESSION)

Whew, this one touched a raw nerve with many men.

The fact that all married women have office husbands is a confession that thoroughly excited Maina Kageni and shut down Mwalimu Kingangi.

And that is according to women admitting this scary fact during the Wednesday morning conversation.

Did you know that guys?

A woman confessed she has an office husband and is happy to gush about it.

She also said she and other married women never introduce their husbands to workmates, and only use their first name. The married women prefer everyone to assume her relationship with the man she introduced, because she doesn’t care.

The colleagues assume that you are the husband, and she never tells them the truth, to her advantage.

The female caller told an overjoyed Maina that

‘If you see a woman cheating as a man ask yourself why because naturally women are not built to cheat, most of them are pushed to cheating, Talk to these men Maina because utakuaje na bibi mrembo na unamguza once a month? Personally I have an office husband and he knows I am married’

office husband

She also added another reason why all women have office husbands. Hawatoshi mboga as KOT like to say.

Our husbands don’t take care of us, even doctors prescribe medicine for you many times a day, not once a month. I have an office husband, and I confide in him, he knows my husband does or doesn’t do, even people in the office know about us and I don’t care, ah life goes on, it’s life, what do you do? instead of going all around, have one office husband who will sort you out,’

A man sadly concurred with this thought, admitting his own challenge in marriage

‘ata wangu ako naye n i once called the guy amemsave carol bff the guy told me he knows me pretty well but i dont give my wife a full doze thats why she cant give up on him….Smiling face with tear i just live with it na ata sikumuuliza nakaa naye juu ya watoi love life 0% last time was b4 corona’

Another male caller who was not too thrilled with the confession advised women that they should keep things undercover.

‘I cant believe what I’ve heard, it is well now sawa tuu. these ladies wow no you can’t do this even if my game is down, the part of having an office husband is killing the vibe’


Here are signs you have an office husband:


1 You’re together a lot at work

2 You spend a lot of time together outside of the office

3 You gossip and share alot of secrets together

4 They’re the first person you go to, when you are having a bad day at work, or have some good news they are the first person you vent to or ask for advice

5 You have no problem being honest with them

7 You have each other’s backs. This is what a real relationship comes down to, do you have their backs and do they have yours?

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