celina Kamau actress

‘I Have My Boyfriend’s E-mail And Social Media Passwords!’ Actress Celina Declares

Katherine Kamau, commonly known as Celina, is among the few lucky Kenyan celebrities. The talented actress, who has featured in many local programmes, including the popular family drama Mother-in-Law, has managed to create a niche for herself in the flooded showbiz industry.

celina Kamau actress

The Harpic brand ambassador has been in a longtime relationship with her partner Phil Karanja, a former Tahidi High actor and now a producer, and they are staying together with her son.

Many have been eagerly waiting for their wedding but it seems now that most of their friends — the likes of Jolene Matubia, actor Njugush and Abel Mutua — are married, they will soon tie the knot.

Celina, currently the main actor in the new TV dramedy Sue na Johnnie, is a protective woman, and her posts about relationships speak a lot.
Well, Celina has made serious revelations about her relationship that have left her fans’ tongues wagging. Is someone trying to snatch Phil from Celina, or she is just sending a warning to husband snatchers out there, or amekalia Phil chapati?
“I have his Instagram, facebook and email passwords ???????? just saying ???????????? @phil_director mpenz ❤️.”

Celina posted accompanied by the photo below;’

Celina Kamau

Here are some of the comments by Celina’s fans

Wanjiru: @phil_director enyewe hii ndiyo Kukaliwa chapati. … kumbe this kind of men still exist @kate_actress uko ndaaaaani ndaaaaani kabisaaa

Cayeunel: Twangonja white wedding

Nyanda: In short hakuna kuslide kwa DM ya huyu bae… @kate_actress

Gigis: Inbox unazi receive right hand.

Does it mean she is afraid of losing her partner?

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