Bongo singer Harmonize’s ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Wolpers stunning birthday photos as she turns a year older

Ex-girlfriend to Bongo star Harmonize has hit 30. Jacqueline Wolper a fashion icon cum actress hit the headlines after she and the Show Me hitmaker were seen exchanging saliva at a public event.

The two dated for months after which Harmonize, real name, Rajab Abdul, ditched the yellow-yellow slay queen for a rich mzungu.

Wolper later came out to expose the singer saying he was cheating on him with the Italiano girl whose name is Sarah. Wolper added that Sarah had been sending her naked photos of the two (Sarah and Harmonize) even while Harmonize was still her boyfriend.

She told Millard Ayo;

“That woman bought him a phone, gold chains and told him if he wanted to be with her to first break up with Jackline. She even told him to delete all my photos.”

She added;

“Akaona naenda kushoot video South Africa na Harmonize, akanitumia picha za uchi za kitandani.”

Days later, Harmonize released a track titled Nishachoka, one that is said to be dissing Wolper.

The two have since moved on. Harmonize is dating the mzungu chick while Wolper is in love with another ben 10 by the name Brown.

Well, the actress has hit 30 and is still slaying. Check out her photos;

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