Bongo Singer Diamond Platnumz Debut’s His Sons Face Proudly Proclaiming ‘Das My Handsome Son’

After holding out for forty days, Tanzania’s finest singer Diamond Platnumz has finally revealed his new-born son’s face to the world.

Diamond and his wife Zari, have been holding out on revealing their son’s face to the public just like they did with their first-born daughter Tiffah Dangote.

And while the celebrity couple was very forthcoming with information about the pregnancy, the two love-birds have preferred to keep their baby’s faces hidden from the public for forty days in anticipation of an unveiling ceremony.

Diamond Platnumz 3-Day-Old Son, Prince Riaz Bags Thousands Of Instagram Followers But Doesn’t Follow The Singer

Zari and Diamond flew to Tanzania from South Africa where they live in a lavish mansion, to hold a special ceremony for their new-born son, Prince.

His fans took to social media to praise the boy’s good looks at the same time congratulating Zari for a ‘job well done’.

Athumani Siwa Kafanana na dada yake halafu ujue

Lizz Osimbo Finally we’ve seen prince.like daddy lk son.he resemble Tiffa too.cute boy.

Brandina Siame Hongera sana diamond muheshimu sana zari amekupa heshima kubwa yakuitwa baba

Malemba Mwanjala Congrats to you and your family,, wamefanana na Tiffah kweli

Here is their cute son






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