A 7-year-old girl who was sexually abused by an 18 year old boy at the Mena police station in Makeni, Bombali district, Sierra Leone on Wednesday September 18, 2013. The boy, who's a close neighbor, forced her to have sex with him.

Bomet girl commits suicide after teacher period shames her


Many girls feel a sense of embarrassment for being on our period. Most of these feelings arise from mean comments made by people.

Girls/women are frequently made to feel ashamed or embarrassed simply because they bleed, and, according to research, this shaming often comes from those closest to them.

A class six pupil at Kabyangek Primary School in Konoin, Bomet County committed suicide after a female teacher publicly ridiculed her for soiling her clothes with her periods.

14 year old Jacqueline left school at 10am and walked home crying, at 2pm she went to fetch water to clean herself and told to go back to school.

She headed to a nearby river which is the last place she was seen. she was found hanging from a tree near their home, the girls mother narrated to NTV reporters.

The news of her death has upset many KOT, who say action should be taken.
that teacher is a disgrace, kwani yeye humensturate maziwa.. she needs to be taught a lesson a tough lesson//
can this teacher be please be apprehended! This is bullying and it is a criminal offence! I bet it was a female teacher. They are the f**king worst
My heart aches. But why?

she could have used her small money lets two hundred to buy her pads and soap
When my friend had her first period,she was mocked by her teacher,as if that was not enough,she went ahead and let the entire staffroom know.”You’re not the first to have a period stop acting like you are dying”.
THE HEIGHT OF INSENSITIVITY .May she rest in peaceđź’”

This reminds me also of how my schoolmates and I struggled with cramps every month.the pain!! And if you asked some of the female teachers for permission to go home or atleast get painkillers..you would be insulted and told “unajifanya” or you ain’t the first to go through !!!

This is toxic and archaic behaviour from a teacher.

It speaks volumes that the female teacher did not think first to offer help to the girl (pads), but was childish about the issue, choosing to make fun of the girl take photos to share on WhatsApp etc.
This teacher will be haunted by this foolishness.


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