Bodaboda guy to watchies: People who know more about your potential bae

In case you want to start dating, I have something urgent you need to know fellas.

Everyone has that one person who gives them goosebumps. If you want to go after them, that’s a personal choice you can make. These relationship waters are mucky though.

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With that said, there are a few people in your social circles who know more than you regarding your potential target.

1. Bodaboda guy

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These guys witness a lot before the day ends. “Uyu msichana si ana vituko mingi,” in case they say this to you, my brother- abort mission! They drop people in different places every day. They get called in the middle of the night to pick someone and get them dropped to their destination. If he says this, be sure he has dropped that lady several times at different places. You just happen to in the waiting line. Young man, stay woke.

2. Mama Mboga

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They witness women come wearing all sorts of indecent clothes. Men in the company of women getting dropped off at the stage and passing by at her “kibanda” to buy groceries. They see men switching women and vice versa. They are to date with the hood romantic drama and if you listen to them carefully, you can always know who to chase and who to keep at bay.

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3. Watchmen

This is for those people who live in the rich suburbs. These guys witness more than the walls do. They allow people on foot and those driving.

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With majority of Kenyans living a nocturnal life, the night brings forth a lot of drama and shock for their eyes. Men sneaking women late in the night and having to tip them to avoid being snitched on. Listen to them if they tell you that person is a no go zone. They have first-hand information.

4. The hair dresser

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The amount of shenanigans brewed in those saloons makes the devil question his purpose. If you want to keep tabs with whats trending in your hood, just spend time in these places. Your ears might get sick over the trash talk. As much as what is said is rumors, don’t underestimate what comes out of these women’s mouths. They know so many shocking details about people. Pay attention when they tell you to leave that guy alone.

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