Boda boda rider beats, robs and strips Thika bar attendant

A bar attendant in Thika was robbed, beaten and stripped naked on Sunday by a boda boda operator she had hired to take her to a pub in the area.

The woman said the operator of the motorcycle she boarded outside Rwambogo hotel at 4.30pm took her to Kiandutu Cemetery instead.

She said that when they got to the cemetery, the rider drew what resembled a gun and a panga and ordered her to lie down.

She said he then beat her using the panga, robbed her of Sh5,000, a mobile phone, a handbag containing vital documents and her jacket and shoes before ordering her to strip naked claiming she was hiding more money.

The victim said her attacker however allowed her to wear her skirt and blouse when he realised she did not have any more money.

She said she crawled to the road after he left and was taken to her home in Witeithie estate by a truck driver.


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