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Two bloggers sued by prophet Owuor’s followers for posting defamatory videos questioning his miracles

Two bloggers who have allegedly been posting defamatory videos on renowned Prophet David Owour have been sued by members of his church.
The 10 members of the Ministry Holiness and Repentance now want the court stop Kevin Kiriga and Paul Akhonya from posting the defamatory videos about their ministry questioning the prophets miracles.

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They are seeking for orders stopping the two from distributing, copying, altering and disseminating their audio visual, sound recordings works, pictorial content and broadcasts on their platforms.
The church members want to be allowed to go into Kiriga’s and Akhonya’s houses and seize all the infringing content in their social media Google Platforms hosted by Google Corporation and existing in Kenya or any other material found in their houses that belongs to their church.

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In their view, the continued infringement and passing off their copyright has occasioned them untold massive damage to their reputation and diminished the amount of traffic attracted to their social media platforms.The court papers partly read

“This has impeded our ability to reach the masses with the Gospel of Kingdom of God which is our sole mandate under the documents of incorporation”

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