‘I was blind for 2 weeks,’ Kelvin Wa Nyambura narrates acid attack on him

Kelvin Kairo a burn survivor has shared of his journey after an unknown person threw acid on his face leaving him for dead on his way home.

Kairo, a father of two who is married to Grace Naito in an interview with said,

‘I was walking towards my work place in March in 2018 around 5:30 am  and I did not know someone was waiting for me.

As I approached where they were they threw a liquid on my face and managed to run away, I could not identify whether it was a he/she.

I was in pain and felt like I was burning severely , I was also in shock given I did not know whether the person was following me.

It was painful but i forgave her.”Dan Makataya speaks up after surviving an acid attack by his wife leaving him blind

Kelvin wa Nyambura-classic 105
Kelvin wa Nyambura and his wife

I walked towards the gate of the nearby mall and asked the guard to help me wash my face.

I washed my face thoroughly but after that I couldn’t see. I then asked the guard to scroll my phone and call someone who came and took me to the hospital.’

Kelvin said that despite washing his face the effect had already taken place and his eyes went blind for two weeks.

‘When we went to the hospital I was totally blind for the first two weeks, My wife was administering medication to me after every 15 minutes.

The doctors were not bothered about my skin and so it continued to burn from the inside. I was still going for check ups and at some point I started seeing a little.

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It’s then that I asked for a mirror and when I looked at myself I looked like burnt meat. I was shocked and I asked the doctors what could be done but I thought otherwise.

I was sent to a skin specialist and she told me that the skin would dry up and it would go back to normal. I was healing physically but I was dying from the inside.’


Hopeless, jobless and faceless Kelvin decided to take away his own life in a bid to lessen his pain.

‘I had no job, the shock, the stigma was something else.

In May 2017 I decided to take an overdose and die, I sent her some where and went to the chemist bought 30 piritons and took 25 of them.

I did not die but only became unconscious, a neighbour became concerned upon realizing that I was not opening the door despite it being knocked severally.

They took me to the hospital but sadly no one bothered to ask why I tried to take my life.

One day after that ordeal I tried calling 5 friends but only one picked hie name was Dan and he was also a burn survivor.

I told him what I was going through and asked If I could stay at his place for a day, as a good friend he is he gave me some cash and advised to look for a room and some extra cash.’

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The first suicide attempt failed but Kelvin did not give up so he tried a second time.

‘I went to Thika booked a room and slept for that one day I was OK but after that I found myself walking around chemists buying un-prescribed drugs.

I went back to the room, I went live on Facebook and I took all the pills unfortunately in the morning I found myself in the room and I was alive.

I was not in pain but I was also taken to the hospital and the drugs neutralized.

Kelvin Wa Nyambura

The doctors said that the reason I did not die is because I had tried committing suicide before by taking excess pills and the neutralizer used in my system was still there.

So when I took drugs on my  second suicide attempt the neutralizer given to me before reduced the impact.

I did not want to call my wife or family because I felt they might track me faster.’

Speaking about his wife Kelvin said,

‘She has stood with me through out the process. My wife never gave up, she was there through it all.

She fed me, and I thank God for her.’

In conclusion, he said,

‘I met counselors,psychologists and they taught me to see life in a positive light. I am now someone different.’

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