Blessed Njugush

Blessed Njugush gives his thoughts about late Ken Okoth and Mariga (exclusive)

Comedian Njugush spoke to me recently about some interesting topics that are currently affecting the country. One of those is the Kibra by election that is being hotly contested by Mcdonald Mariga.

Njugush for president! The comedian speaks about running for political office

Njugush is one of the most passionate Kenyans when it comes to the direction our country is taking. The man spoke about the Kenyan footballer saying that he wanted to give the young political upstart a chance to show what he can do.

‘Its good to be visionary. Its good to do stuff for people but its also another work altogether to be your own sort of man,’ the comic said.

Mariga with Ann Thumbi
Mariga is vying for the Kibra MP seat

The ‘Blessed One’ added that the problems the country was facing were because many of our leaders were in that position, not because of their vision but their political connections.

‘Most of the leaders we have are there because they are very well-connected and then we end up giving the wrong people!’ he opined.

Ken Okoth
Ken Okoth in a file photo

Njugush then enthused about the work that the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth was doing in the constituency saying,

‘I liked the work Ken Okoth used to do especially with bursaries for school kids. There is work that he was doing even in building schools. Right? He wasn’t related to anyone and he was an honest Kenyan. The rest (other politicians) are just sideshows.’

Blessed Njugush
Blessed Njugush

The famous entertainer then finished off by saying that he was ready to give Mariga a chance were he to win the Kibra seat.

‘If he is able to win the seat then it’s up to him to prove that he can work,’ he said.

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