Bin Laden ‘died afraid’, ex-navy seal says

The former Navy SEAL who claims to have fired the shot that killed Osama bin Laden says the al Qaeda leader “died afraid”.

Robert O’Neill said he had used details of the Saudi militant’s death to bring closure to the relatives of 9/11 victims.

“One thing I tell them is, ‘All right, Osama bin Laden died like a p***y,” said the retired special forces operative in an audio interview with a freelance journalist, aired by CNN.

“That’s all I’m telling you. Just so you know. He died afraid. And he knew that we were there to kill him.”

He added: “You can quote me on this bull****.”

The 38-year-old told the Washington Post this week that he fired two rounds into the forehead of the al Qaeda leader during the 2011 raid on his secret compound in Pakistan.

The Montana native also said shots were fired by two other SEAL team members, including Matt Bissonnette, who described the raid in his book No Easy Day.

Some special operations service members and veterans are unhappy that Mr O’Neill has taken credit publicly for the killing.

But he says he doesn’t care if people don’t believe him.


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