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Billionaire Manu Chandaria finally weds after 64 years of marriage

Manu Chandaria, 90, on Friday solemnised his marriage to his wife, Aruna Chandaria, 85, at the attorney general’s Sheria House offices in Nairobi.

To show how frugal the billionaire is, a Civil Marriage by notice costs Sh3,900 while a Civil Marriage by Special License costs Sh 9,700.

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The interesting thing about the couple is that they have been together for the past 64 years! According to newspaper reports, the two got married at an informal wedding that only took two and a half hours at Visa Oshwal centre in Mombasa in 1955.

Manu Chandaria speaking to Uhuru Kenyatta
Manu Chandaria speaking to Uhuru Kenyatta

In a past interview, Manu revealed that the secret to marriage is simple, “’Aruna is 85 and I am 90 but she has the last word.’

Aruna was born in Thika while Manu was born in Nairobi, but both families moved to India during World War II.

By 1955, they had convinced both families to allow them to marry each other and Manu, who was 26, then married Aruna, who was only 21.

Manu Chandaria speaking
Manu Chandaria speaking

Aruna made the decision to be a housewife and build a home, where she developed her hobbies that included tapestry, cooking, gardening and growing orchids while Chandaria took care of business.

In the civil ceremony today Manu is seen dressed in a black suit and a tie marching Aruna’s golden-orange Sari.

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