From Rose Muhando having demons to Jacque Maribe’s arrest, these are the biggest stories of 2018

We take a look at some of the biggest stories in 2018, ranging from murder, celebrity arrests and demon exorcisms among others.

Below is the list

1. Jacque Maribe and Jowie’s arrest

Jacque Maribe was arrested as a person of interest in connection to Monicah Kimani’s murder.

The Director of public prosecution also asked that she and Jowie  be charged with the murder.

She was however released on a Ksh 2 million cash bail,  Jowie  is still in remand at Kamiti Maximum Prison.

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe

Jacque Maribe’s fiancé arrested as person of interest in murder of Kileleshwa woman Monicah Nyawira who was found dead in bathtub

2. Okoth Obado’s arrest

Migori Governor Okoth Obado was  arrested in September 2018, over the murder of Sharon Otieno.

The move came only days after he admitted that he was the father to the unborn child Sharon Otieno was carrying.

He was also slapped with a second murder charge. In the second count, Obado was charged with killing Sharon’s unborn baby, referred to as “Baby Sharon” in the charge sheet.


3. Sharon Otieno’s murder

Ms Otieno was seven months pregnant at the time she was abducted and killed.

Her body was found in a thicket in Oyugis, Kodera forest

The slain university student was buried on Friday, October 19, 2018.

Sharon Otieno
Sharon Otieno

Okoth Obado admits Sharon Otieno’s pregnancy was his. ‘It is normal to have a moment of weakness’ he says

4. Monicah Kimani’s murder

She was found inside a bathtub with her throat slit and hands tied.

Her brother George told police they had to break into the house having failed to get a response after knocking several times.

They were shocked to find the body in the bathroom with a slit neck, Monica lived alone.

The late Monicah Kimani whose lifeless body was recovered in a bathtub
The late Monicah Kimani whose lifeless body was recovered in a bathtub

5. Rose Muhando

Weeks ago a disturbing video of Rose Muhando being exorcised of demons caused panic with many wondering when the rain started beating her.

It is not yet clear what is happening to her but one thing is clear,she needs redemption and quick.

‘We are ten demons, we have said she will not sing again ‘Disturbing video of Rose Muhando being exorcised of demons emerges online ,Watch it below




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