Biggest expose’ of 2020-Dj Mo cheating on wife, Size 8

2020 has seen very many dramatic exposes, that even I as an entertainment journalist am shocked and one of the people that is largely responsible for that is Instagram influencer Edgar Obare.

He has exposed many celebs behaving badly this year that he has become villain number one for many of them. One of the most famous expose’s this year has been that of Dj Mo, the famous gospel celeb.

Edgar used his popular Instagram page to reveal the intimate details of how Dj Mo had been cheating on his wife, Size 8.


This came weeks after rumours had surfaced that DJ Mo had been cheating on his wife without any proof but Edgra provided the proof.

Dj Mo’s alleged side chick, Margaret Wanyama shared her alleged intimate chats and moments with DJ Mo with blogger Edgar, including photos of DJ Mo while naked.

She also claimed that she had been having unprotected sex with DJ Mo, and that Size 8 was slow in bed and does not satisfy him.

The screenshots she sent indicated that she had been in contact with DJ Mo up to a few hours after she went public with the exposé.

Margaret explained that she was no longer afraid of exposing her identity. Dj Mo later apologised to his wife who forgave him saying that she was committed to making the marriage work.

Size 8 discloses why she stood with DJ Mo despite cheating drama

But it seems that his employer NTV weren’t as accommodating as the man hasn’t been seen on his Crossover101 show since the scandal emerged.

That’s what you call tragic. Losing money for a non-work related issue.

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