“Big up to girls who respect themselves” Mejja responds to Shakilla diss


When Mejja was featured in the number one song in Kenya, Nairobi, so many people came at him for the verse he dropped.

People did not like it and everyone has an opinion like Bensoul said. But one Shakila who makes sure she trends every day by what she does or says was did not have the nicest words to Mejja.


She said he gives mediocre verses.

He has never responded to her. Vivian is the one who tried to salvage the situation by saying she has a crush on him.

Speaking to Mwende and Cleo, he finally addressed this situation and he did not have something nice to say. If you know, you know.

“First of all, have nothing to say to her. I am not happy with the way people are normalizing abnormality. And I will not be the one to reward abnormality. I think it is high time Kenyans should be aware of this. There is a girl who does not expose her nudity, she is well educated you get? She is hustling and has not gotten a job for a year. But there is this one who is using remotes and doing the most and she is given a job and money. You are teaching the lady with principles that it is okay to be abnormal because I am decent and I respect myself but I am not winning. And that is why I will not reward abnormality.

Big up to those girls who respect themselves.”

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