Bhangi is sold in kiosks – Maina and Kingangi told

Maina and Kingangi heard from multiple people that these days bhangi is not a big deal, it’s like cigarettes.

It’s sold in kiosks and that guy who sells smokies is a dealer.

In the Tuesday morning conversation April 19, Maina was told that bhangi and other hard drugs are easily available in your nearest kiosk.

‘So principals want to drug test children before accepting them in school. According to them, there is a huge problem’

‘I was asking what kind of drugs Kenyan kids do. They do cocaine and heroine, where do you get such drugs they are so expensive, where do they get them from?’

Kingangi was not clear about it

‘So basically bhangi imekua kawaida thats the bare minimum. is that it? bangi is almost like a cigarette nowadays, cocaine like ya pablo escobar? haiya imefika Kenya, ile kama chumvi? umesema bangi ni ya kawaida? Kingangi repeated

Maina responded that ‘ati that’s very normal. Back in the day being caught with a cigarette was a big deal’

Kingangi agreed repeating ‘yeah and we used to smoke in the toilet and hoping we won’t be caught’

‘If you are a young person, I want to know what drugs you guy use these days and if you are a parent, I want to know do you know your kid is using drugs.? Guys where do you get it from? And where do you get the money to buy it? Coke is very expensive na nani anawauzia’

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