Right:Betty Kyallo with her sister Mercy Kyallo

Looking for a wife?Betty Kyallo’s sister is up for grabs,see details below

Team mafisi has every reason to celebrate as the year comes to an end after TV presenter and her sister Mercy Kyallo announced vacancies for a tender.

Don’t get it twisted this tenders are not similar to the one of NYS where one is payed to supply hewa this one is extra special because one is tendering to walk away with a girlfriend/wife.

Betty Kyallo took to social media to post the caption below

“TENDER NOTICE!!! The Kyallo govt. is inviting potential bidders for @mercykyallo Registration ongoing. All short listed candidates will be contacted 😂😂😂. @mercykyallo

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Betty Kyallo and Mercy Kyallo

Well expect team mafisi to react and here are some of the reactions

allantuwei:Wacha niendee loan china🔥

jd_nzisa:My brother won’t have to pay anything he is such a great deal,cute ,loyal , good hearted such a great deal that you and your family will have to pay us instead.For offering such a deal to you.Beautiful gals

josphatmuteti:Tender ni ya holiday pekee?

illahkevin:@bettymuteikyallo as members of team mafisi we would like to knw whether its a short term contract or permanent…also provide us with the link where we can download the application forms…looking forward to hear from you soon.thnks…cc @mercykyallo

bayusuf.ahmed:Niweke kwenye hiyo kinyanganyiro….anti corruption kando..🖐

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richie_yulemmoja:This is unfair all this beauty in one package. You can acknowledge my application even if its regrets

mr._big.stuff:Mercy is giving Betty a run for her money these days. Impossible to love one without loving the other. ❤😍😚

cowambo:I thought this tender i already won.. @bettymuteikyallo hii ni conspiracy gani sasa…sitakubali *forms commission of inquiry*

digitalinvestment:Just placed by bid and was told, “While your qualifications were impressive, we regret to inform you that we couldn’t accept you since we we targeting bidders with specific qualifications” 😭😭😢

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