Betty Kyallo Reveals The Strange Advice She Got In Regards To Having A Good Voice For TV

Betty Kyallo, just like every human, has had friends or colleagues who have given all sorts of advice. But the latest one she has revealed is in regards to her voice.

According to SDE, Betty stated that she was advised to take whisky and smoke so as to have a good voice for TV. This sounds absurd, but she also added that she was also told to take yoghurt. Confusing right?

She said, “I was told that whisky would make my voice husky and that smoking would make it deeper. But of course these were never an option for me. James Karani (former KTN anchor) convinced me to take yoghurt before going on air to make my voice softer. I do not know if he was being serious or playful because I ended with my mouth being full of saliva. I had to pause and swallow in between sentences while reading news.”

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Betty has also been rumoured for the longest time to be dating a top government official and she finally decided to clear the air about it in an exclusive interview with True Love Magazine.

On her relationship with Hassan, she told the magazine, “It wasn’t until May (2016) that I became close to Hassan. He was going through the same thing, a separation, and we connected on that level. We tried to have something and it gave me comfort because we understood where we were with each other. He was easy to talk to, hang out and have fun with.”

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She continued, “But after a few months I decided that this was not what I wanted for myself. We had a culture clash and a religious clash. I also wanted to be a strong woman; I wanted to make something of myself and my daughter. I wanted  to start a business because I am young and energetic. But he wanted someone who was chilled; there was conversation of me quitting my career and just staying at home. We did not see eye to eye on this. It was a painful discovery, and I knew it was going to hurt once again, but I had to walk. I left with what was mine and gave him  what was his and we parted ways peacefully in December 2016.”

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