The K24 host

Pregnant or just eating a lot? Kenyans wonder about Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has been having a ball since she made her move from KTN to K24. The bubbly and comely T.V presenter has had one of the most-watched talk-shows with her Weekend with Betty airing on Friday’s.

The K24 host hanging out in Pokot
Betty Kyallo hanging out in Pokot

This past week rumours have been swirling that she might be pregnant with her second child after some saw a picture of her healthy tummy and thought that it might signal that she was having a baby.

The picture that has started her fans on a rabbit trail
The picture that has started her fans on a rabbit trail.Courtesy/Urbannews254

Some of the comments are below;

frankywebbz@kessiemoh Kuna moshi ama?
kessiemoh @frankywebbz kuna ka kweli somewhere
bella_aluoch She’s just eating too much, kwanza when doing Up Close. Hiyo tumbo ni ya food 😂😂😂
aquanette45 If she’s pregnant then I must be 10 months
shish_shi It’s her business? That’s wat I think…I like her..that’s all that matters.

We won’t tell Okari! Fans beg Betty Kyallo to reveal her mystery man’s face

This will be the second time this year that the popular entertainer has been rumoured to be pregnant. In July she had to deny the rumours saying, ‘Lol, pregnant! Aki mnapenda kupangia mtu maisha, you’ll scare my mum. No, I’m not. Maybe in a few years. For now, Ivanna (her daughter) can’t even stand another child getting my attention.’

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo

I think this situation is much the same. It is much ado about nothing! The picture below shows Betty in the same outfit that has caused the whole hullabaloo and as a smart person can see, the healthy stomach is no more.

The K24 host
The same outfit that started the rumours

Me, I am more concerned about her revealing the man that she is dating. The man some suspect to be the son of a famous industrialist in Kenya. Do you know him?

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