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Kumbe! Betty Kyallo finally reveals why she always hides the men she is dating

Betty Kyallo is one of the most followed celebs in the country. And that makes sense as the mother of one is always encouraging her fans with her positive and bubbly nature.

But while she loves reaching out to fans through her popular Instagram page, Betty is still wary of sharing too much, especially as far as the men she is dating goes.

The 32-year-old media personality mostly shows just a watch, or shoes; she doesn’t reveal too much detail. A few years ago, Betty was rumoured to be dating former Somali Ambassador to Kenya Alinur Mohammed, however, the ‘Somalian bae’ said he is a happy family man and that Betty is just a friend.

Budesko! Meet Betty Kyallo’s alleged bae (photos)

Many have wondered why Betty keeps her men hidden with the same secrecy as the one Coca Cola uses for it’s secret recipe.

In an interview with Radio Jambo, Betty explained that the last time she showed her man on social media, things didn’t go well.

Ladies inboxed her man to confuse him. For now, Betty says she won’t show the man she’s currently with. She has also advised women to do the same. Additionally, Betty says she’s not planning to be married soon.

‘Siwaonyeshi juu ile siku niliwaonyesha ya mwisho, wacha madem waende kwa DM ya budesko. Ati mi ni mrembo kumshinda Betty. Madem wa Kenya by the way wachunge. Wakijua wako ni nani wanaenda kwa DM yake wanasema, ah, niangalie…. Unaachwa.”

Adding, “Usiwaonyeshe mtu wako. Onyesha mkono, onyesha saa, kanywele kidogo, mguu, socks… mwisho. Waonyeshe vile akona kiatu kubwa.”

Damn! Nairobi is no joke!

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