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‘I definitely want more kids’ Betty Kyallo opens up on marriage and future plans

Betty Kyallo revealed a lot recently in a long video with her fans this past weekend. Apart from disclosing that she calls her exes when she gets drunk, Betty also spoke about her marriage plans.

I call my exes when I get tipsy – Betty Kyallo reveals (video)

The K24 news anchor says that she has been warming up to the idea years after she divorced Denis Okari. The vivacious mother of one explained that after the dissolution of her marriage from Okari, she had discarded the thought.

Betty Kyallo with Dennis Okari on their wedding day
Betty Kyallo with Dennis Okari on their wedding day

But time can heal wounds and Betty said that marriage is something that she had been thinking about and would be okay as her previous experience with Denis had taught her what to look for in a partner.

“For a long time I didn’t want to get married after the divorce, but I think I know what went wrong and I know I can be better and I know what I need to look for in somebody. So, I’m starting to warm up to the idea of marriage because for me it was a no. But for now I find myself thinking okay, inaweza,” said Betty.

Betty Kyallo in red
Betty Kyallo in red

On having kids

The mother of one said that she would definitely like to have more children because she wants her daughter Ivanna to have siblings.

“I definitely want more kids because if I don’t give Ivanna another brother or sister atakuwa like yeah mommy talk to my hand because my ears ain’t listening,” said Betty.

Betty Kyallo with her daughter 1
Betty with her daughter

Earlier this year Okari’s friend, Ken Mijungu dropped the bombshell that Betty was going out with a Somali guy – a man the anchor kept hidden, nary speaking about him. This shocked many as she had been linked with a certain Indian businessman’s son.

Is this Betty Kyallo's Somali guy
Is this Betty Kyallo’s Somali guy

At the moment, Betty has not been seen with any man and one wonders what happened to the man. Whoever she ends up with may she have her forever after.


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