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Betty Kyallo and Nick Ndeda savagely tease fans about vacationing together



As far as dating is concerned Nick Ndeda and Betty Kyallo have ben alleged to be secretly dating.

An amused Betty to stir the pot, tagged Nick on social media asking him if he is ready, and we went wild. Who could have imagined? First of all where is Somali bae?

So Betty and Nick took off for a vacation in Nakuru and on the way at the View Point, shared a drink together and tagged each other. They laughed and captioned how gorgeous it is. Their love or the scenery? Please tell us.

In a follow up video, Betty sings inside the tour van, but doesn’t show Nick again, only arriving at the destination to take fans on a tour of their room.

The bed is decorated in flowers in a heart shape, as wine is set up for the couple. See images below of what will be their romantic getaway.bk 1 (1)

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