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Revealed: Here is where Betty Kyallo got money to start her salon

Susan Kaittany and Betty Kyallo were the proverbial friendship goals. The two redefined the hair and beauty business when they launched Posh Palace.

Their partnerships did not last after Susan broke off their partnership

After the public break up, Betty started her own brand dubbed Flair by Betty across the street from Susan’s salon.

Betty explained in a recent interview with Parents how the journey has been, adding that its not been easy.

“Starting out on my own was not easy. The previous business was a partnership where things did not work out, just like anything in life. I realised the best thing to do then was to pick myself up as fast as possible and move.”

Many of her fans and haters alike wondered how she got financing to start the luxury hair and beauty brand.

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Betty revealed her source of wealth, saying

“I’m not afraid of saying I got asset financing from a local institution but I also used a good chunk of my savings to start the business. It was a big risk because part of those savings were meant for my daughter but it was definitely worth it.”

Asked about breaking up with Susan and how that was like, Betty said,

“Breaking up with a best friend, who is like your sister, is not easy. It is unfortunate that it happened but that is how life is. Nothing is set in stone. It was so heartbreaking to the point that I have very few close friends now – about three – and it is intentional.”

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Susan Kaitanny
Susan Kaitanny

In an interview with The Star, Susan’s response of a possibility of there being any reconciliation with her former BFF was:

“I doubt it. But I wish everyone’s business flourishes. I did not think it would end up like this. I’m just a businessperson who got into this situation and now I just want to live my life the way it was before all this drama.”

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