Ben Pol with Anerlisa

Ben Pol speaks for the first time on rumoured marriage issues with Anerlisa

Tanzanian artist Ben Pol and his wife Anerlisa Muigai have been the subject of scrutiny the past few weeks ever since rumours emerged that he had filed for divorce from her.

This came just days after Anerlisa had removed images of him and her from her Instagram page. Not only that, but she also removed his name from her official names and also unfollowed him, which is normally a sign that sh!t is going left.

This past weekend, Anerlisa set the internets alight with several messages that expressed her frustrations with men hitting on her constantly online, saying she can’t keep a man.

One of her messages decried the thirst among men waiting in the sidelines to swoop in once a relationship fails.

“The number of people always ready to take over somebody else’s position is the reason why most relationships fail. if you go through my dm you would think I had a contestant looking for a partner.”

“It’s really disgusting to also see people offering to marry me yet you don’t even know me personally. the reality is I am not looking for anybody and I am not free!!!”

And it seems that her recent outbursts have also put the normally secretive Ben Pol under the Kosh. The musician opined that it was ironic that people who give you marriage advice are those whose relationships have failed.

“Ushauri wa maana zaidi kuhusu mahusiano/ ndoa utaupata kutoka kwa watu ambao ‘ya kwao’ yamewashinda !! Sasa kazi kwako, unataka kuwa na akili nyingi au unataka kulicheza ‘densi’ lako kwa kadri unavyoliona wewe mwenyewe?”

One can see that both of the participants in this marriage are feeling the effects of the constant scrutiny about the state of their union.

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But what is interesting is that the two still haven’t addressed the pervasive rumours online in their recent statements. Thing is, they don’t owe us any explanation as is their right but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate either.

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