Ben Kitili with Amina Mude

‘Fight for what you love’ Ben Kitili´s wife says about her religious critics

Ben Kitili and his lovely wife Amina Mude have one of those marriages that remind you that the institution might be worth a gamble for cynics like me.

The man and his wife have stood together despite the many forces attacking their marriage because of their inter-faith relationship.

Ben Kitili with Amina Mude
Ben Kitili with Amina Mude

Ben is a Christian while his wife Amina is a Muslim. The two rarely speak about the controversy their inter-faith marriage causes but this week Amina decided to respond to some of her Instagram followers.

Amina was candid and answered some frequently pondered questions. In the Instagram online Q&A session with fans, Mrs Kitili confessed that them getting married was definitely not easy as getting her parents´ approval was tough.

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Another curious fan asked how living with a spouse who was from a different religion was like? Mrs. Kitili said that not only was Ben a sweetheart to her but that he was well acquainted with Islamic customs and religious beliefs, so it wasn’t that much of an issue.

Ben Kitili with Amina Mude
Ben Kitili with Amina Mude

How were they raising their kids to become Christian or Muslim? She said that they had already agreed but didn’t specify what religion they would be.

So Amina´s advice to people in her position is that they should fight fiercely for what they love and also block out all negativity.

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