Ben Githae and Rose Wanjiru with their twin daughters

‘Ben Githae sent people to beat me after I refused to abort’, baby mama Rose Wanjiru alleges

Ben Githae’s baby mama Rose Wanjiru  claims she did not wreck the gospel singer’s marriage adding that Githae said he was divorced.

In a past interview Githae had said that he and Wanjiru had sired the twins after a one night stand

“I was married for 18 years, before I strayed out of our marriage with Margaret Wanjiru.

I cannot say when I exactly started straying all I can say is I strayed and I admit that.

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My wife found out long ago that I had strayed and gotten twins and it brought out a lot of issues between us.

We sorted some but some issues were left unsolved.

There were threats and intimidation from my baby mama and that is when she implemented them and let the world know we had children together”

Ben Githae and Rose Wanjiru with their twin daughters

Rose Wanjiru said Githae told her he was divorced and they went on to date for five years,She was responding to Githae’s claims she became pregnant with his twins after a one night stand.

Rose stated she was in a relationship with Githae for five years between 2011 and 2016  adding that trouble started after she found out that she was three months pregnant.

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During an interview with Radio Jambo, Rose said that Githae had advised her to get an abortion something she did not agree with

“We met in Thika, at a club where he was performing and that is where our love journey began.In 2016 after I informed him that I was three months pregnant  he told me to abort.

He even sent people to beat me up leaving me hospitalized for a month.”

Rose and her twins

Rose insisted she and Githae started going for coffee dates after he told her he was divorced.

“What makes me bitter is the fact that Ben has been going around saying I broke his home, yet he told me he had separated from his wife I, however, did not follow up.”

Rose, however, admitted Ben supports his children financially,She went on to say she sees nothing wrong with being a mistress.

“There’s nothing wrong with having a mistress, but if a man starts being stupid, you should expose him.”

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