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‘Being locked up in the bedroom to be beaten is horrifying’ Doreen Gatwiri reports assault by husband Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi

Mwingi Central MP, Gideon Mulyungi’s marriage seems to be on its last legs. His wife, former Ebru TV personality Doreen Gatwiri just took to social media in the quest to seek KOT’s help against her abusive husband.

She took to Twitter to state her safety was in jeopardy after she reported the assault at Karen Hardy Police Station. Doreen opens up that she was seriously assaulted last night at 9.50pm at their Karen home where she sustained head injuries at the back of her left ear which is now numb. One can only imagine that this must have been a very violent fight.

Doreen Gatwiri posing
Doreen Gatwiri. photo credit: instagram/Doreen Gatwiri

Doreen told Kenyans that she is safe in Kileleshwa as she is not sure of her safety. She said that her husband locked her up in a room in their home in Karen and beat her up luckily she created an opportunity to escape and reported the case.

She also explains that this is not the first nor the second time this has happened and that he has threatened her enough times and he only stayed in the name of protecting her home and out fear of his anger management issues.

Gideon Mulyungi is known to be a harsh and vocal person to a point he even insulted the Kenyan president saying he has a bigger Mkuki than the president and he was arraigned in court for that case.

Here is an image of the case reported and OB number:


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