I have to beg my husband for permission to post on Facebook

Misery loves company, or so a bitter wife suggested in a confession to Classic 105.

What prompted her harsh criticism of her husband? A discussion about wives needing space in their marriage.

Men and women revealed a huge divide in how spouses take this statement.

Host Maina Kageni even commented about it saying ‘the way men understand it is different. Girls can you please tell them what you mean when you say you want freedom?’

A bitter wife whispered her thoughts about needing space, saying she is also restricted from being online. Yes, while the rest of us are posting all manner of rubbish, she can’t share a selfie or anything.

She bitterly complained to Maina that

 ‘I can’t post a picture online without my husband giving me grief. You know it’s been tough. I haven’t been working since corona and our Industry was heavily affected, I can’t tell you where I work, but it’s bad. Yani I can’t just leave the house without telling him, I feel like I am just exhausted, Maina you just lose yourself when you get married to a man, yet I’m still me, maina it’s crazy’


Stories of men banning their wives from socia media are not too common as only a few can be controlling.

Do those who do so perhaps fear the interactions their wives will have and perhaps reason that she will sleep with anyone and everyone?

Dear men, please tell the Classic 105 fam, why you feel threatened by your wife using social media.

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