‘Before being a mom, I didn’t even know how to change a diaper’ confesses Joy Doreen Biira

Joy Doreen Biira is not only a talented TV Presenter, but also a dedicated mother and wife as well .

Doreen has managed to keep her new-born son away from the limelight for the past few months, but she has finally decided to show his face to the public and isn’t he handsome.

She opened up on how clueless she was as a first time mum especially on the breastfeeding part, which she says was a whole new subject. Ending her maternity leave was also something she was not prepared for.

Joy Doreen Biira during her pregnancy

She says

“Before I became a Mom, I didn’t even know how to change a diaper (being a last born left me little room to learn that stuff despite my begging to have a younger sibling 😃). When I had my first born, breastfeeding was a whole new subject altogether… while I read widely about what to expect, I didn’t even know what latching or burping was really about practically 😳!!! I cannot count how many times my hubby helped me burp the baby 🙈literally everything was new and overwhelming and little by little I learned all I could each day. .
Returning to work 3months later felt like 3 days later 🤥. The schedule was hectic and balancing the breast milk pumping/expressing and work schedule was tough.

Doreen's hubby with their first born son
Doreen’s hubby with their first born son

When I was in a hurry to leave home after 45minutes of pumping, I’d still be at 30ML (😁 I know I’m not alone) then give up and rush to work and drive back home during lunch time to pump again 🤦🏾‍♀️. (And this all was unnoticed at work so I thought my then editor @mkaranja might not have noticed 🤣 if he did he kept it a secret). And imagine on a chill day when not in a rush, I’d do over 150ML in the same time period 🤡. (I learnt that good🤱🏾and pumping is also about peace of mind – a relaxed mind). Through it all, I managed 7months exclusive breastfeeding🤱🏾before starting to supplement with formula (about the same time we started weaning/introducing solids). “


She concludes by proudly stating that now that she is a mum for a second time,she has become a pro,she concludes

“I’m on my 2nd baby (in pic – he’s 3years 4months younger than the 1st) and I can now proudly say I’m a #pro at #breastfeeding, burping etc and committed to🤱🏾with the 2nd one. .
Just want to encourage mums out there, WHO CAN, to choose breastfeeding🤱🏾.. one of the benefits I got from breast feeding with my first son was he never got a cold or cough or fever 🤒 until he was 2 years old.🤱🏾 boosts the immune system for babies, increases babies IQ among other benefits.”

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