Robert Burale in a suit

“Who is your dzaddy?” Burale shocked by modern bedroom lingo

Robert Burale is known for his concise and cutting advise on relationships. While we might not agree with everything the motivational speaker and pastor says, his words will normally make you think.

One of the areas Burale isn’t afraid of speaking about is what goes on in people’s bedrooms, something that many clerics and religious leaders would rather not speak about.

This week the sharply-dressed pastor spoke hilariously spoke about the names and terminologies people use in their bedrooms.

Robert Burale in a suit
Robert Burale in a suit

The father of one was advising couple about how they should speak to each while in the bedroom with phrases like “kill me, finish me” or  “dzaddy” or “daddy” being a no-no for him.

On his Instagram page, the father of one urged couples to use phrases that show respect to the upbringing that they got from their parents.

“Parents are praying for you to have a long life and you are in your boyfriend’s house shouting “kill me kill me”. Young man, you know you have your biological father and you are busy asking your girlfriend ‘who is your dzaddy?’” he preached.

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The well-spoken man of God was also concerned about an issue that is spoken of in many churches-that of soul ties. Burale spoke deeply on the issue with him deriding the behaviour of people jumping from one bed to another during the dating stage.

Robert Burale looking good
Robert Burale looking good

In the series titled When Se3 Kills (which I believe is timely considering all the deaths that have happened recently between couples), Burale explored how having multiple partners affects a person’s behaviour and character.

In his opinion, individuals shed off part of their personalities on their partners whenever they get intimate. He insisted chastity was not great a burden to carry and it would eventually pay off in the future by saving people from a lot of heartache.

The interesting thing is that science backs up a lot of what the pastor is saying, with many research papers showing that a person’s ability to pair bond is grossly affected by the amount of intimate partners they have had in the past.

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