Bebe Cool ANGRILY BLASTS Ugandan Journalists Over Reports He Could Be Stranded In The US

Moses Ssali, commonly known as Bebe Cool is a ragga musician from Uganda. He started his career at around 1997 in Nairobi, Kenya and after a few years he moved to his native country.

Together with Redsan and his compatriot Chameleone, Bebe Cool was one of the first artists affiliated with Ogopa DJ’S, a production house and record label in Kenya.


Two of his popular singles are “Fitina” and “Mambo Mingi” and in his career in music he has won several awards including best male artist at the Pearl Of Africa Music Awards and nominated as Best East African Artist at the Kora Awards.

The controversial singer took to social media about Journalists in his country and the rumors and negative stories they are writing concerning him and his stay at the United Stated saying that he his stranded wherever he is.

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He said that ” I woke up to an article from my country Uganda whose flag I and many other artistes struggle so hard to raise high. We hustle to sell the names of our countries and Africa positively, stand out as examples, give the youth hope that anything is possible as long as you work hard, stay focused, sacrifice, stand proud of your home, and love and support your own products.
This is not the first time negative articles are written about me, but this time I choose to react, correct, inspire and start a movement against negative, selfish, irresponsible and unprofessional journalism in UGANDA and AFRICA as a whole.
It’s disgusting to see African or Ugandan journalists focus on highlighting the negative. It is uncouth of young men and women in journalism not to know the value of hard work, struggle, genuine sacrifice, confidence, self-belief, innovation and leadership.
It’s so painful to see that journalism in my country Uganda is based on lack of knowledge, facts, personal issues, bribery, attention seeking, and a desire to destroy those that work hard. I have had so many encounters with journalists in the last 20 years of my professional music career but one thing I have noticed about them is that most of them never do journalism for any reason beyond their individual benefit yet journalism is something which I believe should be about benefiting the community”.

Bebe Cool added that In Uganda, journalism is many times all about tarnishing individuals. It is about pulling people down, fighting each other, destroying the hard working and successful, disrespecting and looking down on women, and misdirecting the youth. He is calling upon all Africans to join educate, correct, redirect, inspire our journalists in Africa towards selling the good side of Africa and Africans because that’s what the western world has done despite the fact that they face the worse conditions than us like bad weather, war, murder, theft, drugs, homelessness, complicated diseases, fraud, prostitution etc.

“Let’s pick a leaf from them before we destroy others, ourselves and our MOTHERLAND”.

He pointed reasons why journalists in Uganda publish negative stories about artists and here are the reasons he gave. “There are many reasons, I will point out a few. A journalist can ask you for money when broke and say if you don’t give them, you will see negative articles about you until you call and give them money. It’s basically blackmail. In Uganda if a journalist wanted to date a lady and she turned them down, there will be fire for the next one year with all sorts of negative stories about her. Some journalists even have groups in which they are called, paid to attack specific individuals, families and businesses to mention but a few. Little do they know that all these factors contribute to the lagging behind of our MOTHERLAND Africa, countries and individuals. This stuff builds nobody. Not even the people who spread all this negativity.

They destroy the confidence of an African woman and child.
They mislead the rest of the world about the true picture of Africa.
They destroy the African tourism sector.
They indirectly destroy businesses in which their own mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters are employed/earn a living.
They scare away investors.
They build false confidence in those who bribe them with money and assets to mention but a few.
Little do they know that they at the end of the day destroy themselves as well”.

Despite his name being tarnished, he has stood firm and strong fighting  the journalists. In a published newspaper, the article said that the musician was stranded abroad and he said that there is no such thing.

Here is what people had to say about his reaction;

Gagamelgal Faith…  I know those who hate u are many but those who love u

Gadaga David Jerry…. Bebe Cool I just want to clarify one thing from you. Is the story true that you are stuck in the U.S. and would not do a colabo with Jason or the media is just creating propaganda.
Richmal O’dray…Bebe Cool You are so irrelevant, don’t even talk of Uganda. Do You even care about?? I don’t think any youth can be inspired by You, only complaining and ever talking trashy, but we shall never take. I pity your wife and children, never talk about our Uganda again please.. talk about Rwakitula cause your well paid to sell this country You call yours
Ampumuza Ignatius play yo music you cant do more,then if our news men and women are not learned professional in that caliber ,did you study singing? No you don’t own an MDD degree or master either ,so you r equally lost

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