Beast Mode: Kenyan celebrity dad’s and mum’s hitting the gym hard

The quest to live a healthy lifestyle is real and it’s amazing how celebrity parents are creating time out of their busy schedules to work out for a fit body.

While some people use the excuse of being busy so that they don’t work out, these mums and dads know too well taking care of your body is the only way you can be assured of kicking out lifestyle diseases.

Here’s my list of celebs in total beast mode at the gym;

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1. Akothee

The mother of five who is not only a business woman but an artiste knows too well that she has to maintain a fit body to keep up with her performances. She enjoys the company of her daughters especially Rue who is a model36148639_411627826015376_4011859157975040000_n

2. Pitson

The father of two has been hitting the gym hard, given that he is an artiste who needs to be up on his feet every time he is on stage entertaining the crowd.

In an earlier post he wondered out loud if what he felt during his gym session was what people felt.

“Manze hivi ndio watu wa gym mnaskianga?”


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3. Catherine Kamau

The mother of one has been making a great effort in bringing her sexy back. Inspite of the soreness, she knows too well that a hot body requires lots of sacrifice and commitment.


4. Tallia Oyando

The media personality is representing women in the gym. She has been able to shed of that’s posing a challenge to many Kenyan mums.

TALIA OYANDO15. Habida Monroe

The mother of two knows that she has to be her own motivation thus everyday she finds her way to the gym to regain her sexy back.


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6. Nazizi

The legendary singer inspires us to rethink our lifestyle choices.


8. Janet Mbugua

Janet who is expecting her second child with her husband Eddie Ndichu has been in the fore front proving to women that one can workout even when expectant, and her banging pregnancy body is a proof that hard work pays.


9. Lilian Muli

Lilian who recently welcomed her second born has been keeping an active lifestyle through out her pregnancy.

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