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From Beardgangs To Photographers, Here’s A List Of Men Considered ‘Dangerous’ By Kenyan Women

In the past few days social media has been awash with the type of men who women consider dangerous. Not because they are wife batterers or murderers but the ones who are easy to fall for but end up with a broken heart and a bruised ego.

Ranging from their names to their professions, these type of men easily pass as adorable, cunning, stylish but all in all dangerous. Some of the female social media users have been highlighting these kind of men one by one, sparking interesting debates from both parties.

So dear men if you fall under the following category, it’s time to either change your name, tactic or even profession:

1. Brian

On Sunday ‘Brian’ was trending on twitter for the better part of the day. So as one of the ‘Brians’ I was curious enough to dig deep and find out why this great name was featured among everyone’s 140 characters only to discover it was trending for all the not so right reasons.

So apparently one female twitter user had spilled the beans of how a certain Brian, her then boyfriend, had cheated on her with another twitter user, who was her colleague back then.

So from that every Jane, Mary and Susan who was ‘inspired’ by the revelations all took to twitter to narrate how ‘dangerous’ Brians are, advising their counterparts to never mess with them, and if possible to avoid them like a plague. Ladies and gentlemen I am mourning,  I think my chances of landing a potential wife through social media were reduced to negative five.

2. Beard Gangs

Bearded men are often considered more attractive and ‘Manly’ compared to those whose faces are as soft as a baby’s bum.

So ever since ‘No shave November’ turned to ‘Never Shave Forever’, ladies would find it sexy being seen around with a hairy man any day. So most ladies would be throwing themselves at such men and we all know how the script goes.

3. Tattoo artists

Tattoo artists are considered dangerous because of the number of pretty women they encounter in line of their work. Most of these women are more than willing to expose their bodies for the artists depending on where they want their bodies tattooed. With it obviously comes loads of temptations.

4. Photographers

Someone once said ladies only listen and obey two people without asking questions; Their fathers and their photographers. And I concur with him.

With their dads it’s obvious that they would follow their command out of respect and love but this can only get better if you have a camera and magnificent photography skills.

Only a photographer would ask a lady to bare it all for a nude photo and she does it without hesitation, hence why ladies fear such.

5. Conductors

I would not want to label them ‘cheap’ but we know one or two ladies who would do anything to land free rides back home every single evening.

This obviously comes with a hefty price and in most cases, some end up offering their bodies in return.

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