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‘Be your man’s prostitute and he will never cheat’ advises Captain Kale

Classic 105’s biggest fan Captain Kale has been trolled after he advised women to act like prostitutes so that their men don’t cheat.

Kale who is a ‘self appointed men’s advocate’ bit more than he could chew after sharing his thoughts below.

“Most women, after a year or so in marriage, get bored with their husbands and that’s why some of these guys chase after side chics.

Side chics are slowly taking over marriages. They treat you like a small baby and spice up bedroom matters.”

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“Ukienda kwa side chic anavaa lingerie showing off her sexy figure but when you go back home, your wife is dressed like a firefighter.

Some even go to bed smelling onions making it hard for the husband to make moves.

Dear married women, be your man’s prostitute and he will never go out there to get the services he can get from you. “

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Captain Kale

Although Captain Kale approves of men having side chicks, he cautions the women not to feel so comfortable, saying;

“No man will ever leave his legally married wife for you. All these men want is to have fun and nothing much.

Also, do not get pregnant for married men, you will have yourself to blame because many [are] already done with taking care of children.”

Below are some of the reaction comments from Kenyans

Wa Sherry J Swtval: Mnabebesha mabibi mizigo ya mwili na roho na stress chungu nzima kama punda wa Lamu hadi hajui tofauti ya usiku na mchana and you still complain???’
Take good care of your wives and expect to see a difference…the grass is green where it’s watered…hellooo..mpo??
Fiona Jambi Rhodes: Shame on you.wives are busy managing big projects .assisting kids to do home work making sure there is food on the table.
A wife is too busy she actually forgets herself . A side dish all she wants is easy access to your wallet. A side dish doesn’t care abt your future. bure kabisa.
Mercie Aceline: Hallo …ata uvae lingerie ,umfingerie kiside …kama ni wa kucheat atacheat …na ata uvae kitenge kama nyt dress ,ulala na gunia if ni wa kukaa ataona tu uko sawa …

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