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‘Be strong and take care of your mum’, Read Bobi Wine’s emotional message to his children while in prison

Ugandan Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine – who has since been released  from Makindye Military Prison –  wrote  two heartfelt letter to his children while he was being held.
The prison authority had permitted his four children to visit him, but Bobi’s worry was the trauma the children would undergo should they see his bruised face.
Dear Son, I am writing to you from Makindye military prison. Mama will explain to you the rest,” a letter from Bobi Wine to his firstborn Solomon begins.
bobi wine

His wife Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi shared two letters on her Facebook page written to their children:

“When I visited Bobi on monday, I told him that they had permitted our children to visit him. Even when he misses them so much and would love to see them and hug them every minute, he asked me to wait before I bring them to the military prison. Like the caring father he always is, he asked me, “Don’t you think finding me in this state will traumatise them further?” We both agreed that the wounds on his body and the inability to walk was not a thing to show to them. He then decided to write two letters- one to Solomon who is at school, and one to Shalom, Shadrack and Suubi who are at home. Taata, we are all praying for you. Uganda is praying for you. The world is praying for you.”


So today, I told him that I was coming from Rubaga Cathedral where multitudes gathered to pray for him and his detained comrades. He is a million times grateful to you all for your prayers, your concern, and your comradeship. I already Thanked you for raising your voices for his release and praying for us. I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH. IAM FOREVER INDEBTED. As we continue to ask for Justice for all people detained in connection to the Arua byelection, as we pray for the families of the deceased whose lives were lost during the campaign,may we continue to intercede for our nation Uganda.

Check out the emotional letters to his sons;

bobi's letter to his son


bobi 2nd letter


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