Battered Kenyan woman exposes husband after he heard this rumor about her

Cases of domestic violence have been rampant of late. Everyday, many report cases of women who have been abused by their husbands, relatives or even the public (matatu crew) but not all of them get justice.

Human rights activists and gender-based violence organizations have always been on the forefront working towards eradicating all forms of violence against women and girls in Kenya, but it seems violence against women is not going to end anytime soon.

A Kenyan woman, identified as Leah Wambui, is a victim of domestic violence and she has finally spoken out about it for the first time.

Leah Wambui

The young mother took to social media to share her story of how she was thoroughly battered by her husband, disfiguring her lips. According to Leah, this is not the first time she has been beaten by her husband. He is used to it.

“Domestic violence at its worst, some of us still suffer in silence but not anymore nimeamua kutoa sauti. Ongea usikike,” she wrote on her Facebook account

Wambui went ahead to reveal that her husband had heard some rumour that’s why he battered her. He then begged for forgiveness later on after confirming that there was nothing serious about the rumour he had heard. Wambui has fled her home and she is currently being housed by her friend and she is calling upon well-wishers to help her.

“Ladies, may this never happen to you in the name of love. I have learned it the hard way. Some men are evil and will never change. Don’t waste your time hoping its gonna get better ruuuuuun because it only gets worse. The guy tore my clothes before my kids after hitting me hard over a rumour he heard.

After confirming it was a lie he kneels down and starts asking for forgiveness. It has been his routine but enough is enough nimeamua kumove on please if anyone can help me in any way, please inbox me because am going through a lot,” she added.

Many have praised Leah Wambui for being such a courageous woman for sharing her story and are hoping that the wife batterer will be arrested and charged and domestic violence will come to an end.

Here are the reactions

Jackie Kamiru: You’re super brave, this is what courage is all about. Some burdens are so heavy they won’t let you run very fast, you’ve made your first step already, don’t look back. All the best.

Gaddafi Were: Domestic violence should not be allowed in the modern society. I went through it… But came out of it stronger. Men too are victims…. And we fear talking because the society will judge us. We are fought and beaten not because we are weak, but because we are strong enough to fight back. For three years i cried under my own home… Never entertain cruelty and violence in marriage or relationship. They never change

Eddie: Against all odds,this is utterly wrong,whoever that man is,what he thinks he has,he got no right to disfigure you like this?? Next he may kill you,if you need help,ask!!!!!

Karen: Am so sorry Leah no body have any right to this to anybody

Mwangi: This is unacceptable and must be met with equal or more force. No one above the law. Watajua hawajui

Selina: Am so sorry Leah and I really admire your courage! May our merciful Lord be your comfort! You will be fine! May this be a turn around for you and I really pray that you will find peace! Again am really soo sorry for the pain you are going through! One day it will be a testimony to many!

Nancy: No man has the right to place his hand on a woman..I admire your courage.. Don’t hold back get out of that abusive and toxic marriage with no regrets…may God see you through with your kids who are just victims of circumstances in this.

Maina: This is very wrong. Pole. Make decisions you can live with in peace my dear. I’m so sorry. May God guide you through

Cathy: Leah am so sorry for what you’re going thru but for the sake of the kids if you have somewhere you can go please do.

Yvonne Kawira: Even if she had killed an elephant, what gives the husband any right to harm someone’s mother, someone’s daughter like this!!!???

Wambo: Leah if you need someone to talk to inbox me. Am an activist after surviving and moving on. You should not suffer.
Never justify violence!! Kwani nani humchapa yeye akikosea?Ama he’s perfect and his roles are among protecting his family is doing this to someone he claims to love? I am very disappointed in the kind of men we have in the society. Lord have mercy!

Hellen: This is beyond worse. My dear, you should never put yourself down for anyone. You are beautiful and awesome and the life that God has given you is wonderful. Realise and own this and don’t let anyone take your happiness and you away. May God replace everything you have lost in Jesus name

Check out the photos of Leah after she was beaten by her husband


Leah Wambui



Leah Wambui





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