The basic laundry rules you need to follow

When doing your laundry, there are basic rules that need to be followed. They include;

1. Sorting

It is proper to sort clothes before starting to wash. Sort the clothes according to color and even materials. White clothes should not be washed together with other colored clothes. There are clothes that can be fading hence can stain the white garments if washed together. The inner clothes should be washed fist before washing the other clothes. This is because they are cleaner than the other clothes.

2. Soaking

There are some garments that should not be soaked. This is because some clothes when soaked they can were out easily because of the materials. The duration of soaking also matters. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction as labelled. Avoid soaking cotton garment as it may destroy the originality of the cloth.

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3. Airing

When sun drying clothes its important to follow the manufacturer’s instruction on each garment. Clothes that fade should not b dried directly to the sun. This will make them to lose the color more. Hang the cloth in a way that the original state of the cloth will be maintained. Line drying the clothes is the most preferable way. However this should not be used in airing cotton clothes because it will led to sagging.

4. Ironing

There are certain materials that are not fit foe ironing. Follow the instructions indicated n the garment to know the right temperature to use on which garment. This is tom avoid cases of burning the clothes. Once the clothes are ironed, fold them and store them well to.

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5. Repairing

All torn clothes should be repaired before cleaning them. This is to prevent the clothe from tearing more when being washed.

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6. Reading cloth label

It is very important to read the instructions labeled on the garment. This will help you to know the correct way of laundering your garment.

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7. Bleaching

It is always very important to know the type of garments that are supposed to be bleached. White garments are the most recommended clothes to be bleached. Always use the bleaching agents that cannot affect the fabric material.

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8. Using dry cleaner

There are materials that are not suitable for cleaning using a laundry machine. Before cleaning a garment make sure it is approved by the manufacturer for the same.

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9. Storage

Store your clothes in the correct temperatures as instructed. This is to prevent cases of clothes having moulds due to dampness.

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