Barrack Obama proudly shows off his bond with mother-in-law in sweet message


Barack Obama’s mother in law, Marian Shields Robinson, is a woman to reckon with according to the accounts of the former US President.

Marian is celebrating her birthday and Obama wrote an inspiring and heart warming message. Obama too will be celebrating his birthday in a couple of days.

How often do mother-in-laws get a major shout out by public figures? Any Kenyan politician come to mind? No? Well…then. Read below and prepare to swoon or cry —either one is acceptable.

Over the years, you’ve probably seen Michelle’s mom, Marian Robinson, in photos with our family at inaugurations, Christmas tree lightings, Easter Egg Rolls, and a whole lot more. But what you haven’t seen is the way she’s been there for us every day—not just for Michelle and our daughters, but for me, too. I’ve always appreciated her steadiness, her perspective, and the way a wisecrack from her reverberates around the room. Happy birthday, Marian—here’s to many more.

He also shared this amazing picture of them on election night in 2008 as they watched the results stream in


The Obama’s are considered the most romantic public figures AF, and this latest from Barrack is on an entirely new level of affection and emotion. Seriously! where’s tissue when you need it?

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