Baringo death toll due to hunger rises to 21 as a 75 year old is found dead

A 75-year old man Chepkwony Borjiroot died due to hunger at Barketiew village, Baringo North Sub-county on Sunday night raising the deaths to 21.

His death brought the number of people who have died due to hunger to 21.

Hunger also threatens lives of over 800 displaced bandits attack victims-Ilchamus, including school going children resettled back to Mukutani, Baringo South Sub-county in October 2018.

 “We just walk up on Monday morning to find the lifeless body of the old man, he was complaining hunger and stomach pain the previous evening, on Sunday Yatya resident Joseph Toroitich said.

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An old man looking feeble due to hunger

Toroitich said although the ailing old man stayed alone, but his major suspected killer could be hunger as the entire place is really ravaged with drought.

“His sickness worsened in the last two weeks so he could not afford trekking more than 15 kilometres as people currently do to fetch some water or purchase foodstuffs in Yatya centre” he said.

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The old man who is also a beneficiary of the ‘Inua Jamii’ government programme has not received the cash for the elderly close to six months.

What do you think the government should do to save these people?

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