Baraka kwao! Akothee gifts her daughters Land

Singer Akothee will always surprise her fans. She is one mother who is proud of her children and she does everything for them.

Well, recently she has proven that every child needs to inherit something from their parent despite the gender.

She has divided her land to her daughter adding that she won’t do more than that because her daughters need to learn to make a living for themselves.

She wrote;

Kenya’s richest female singer Akothee made jaws drop after spending Sh5Million when she left the hospital (Photos)

I think it’s high time parents consider dividing land for a girlchild just in case things don’t work out ! I Esther Akoth Kokeyo has divided land for my 3 daughter’s Each one of them has 3 acres ! As their birthday gifts as they graduate from being children, they can build their homes and develop the rest ! I will not build houses for them that’s spoon feeding which is dangerous , I am investing in their education so that they get good background of having an independent mind ,get employed or self employment , save and build their homes ! Independence is the most expensive gift one can have ! #presidentofsinglemothers
Don’t you think girls should be given land?


Her post was applauded by many saying that every child deserves to be given a reward.

Check out comments from fans;


mafiateton YES n NO. Yes absolutely for equality and if they invest in income generating property on them. But NO unless you want them living at home or having their men move into their possessions instead of the them moving into their mens’


rachelwanja @akotheekenya its the law now babe. Every child is entitled to land from their parents. I already have mine nimetulia tu mwanaume hanishtui


[email protected]  Its the Law. Even if your paros dont give you land you can go to court. Its your right. Girl child is now covered.


anny_ndegwa Yes if it’s there but better still, both girls and boys should be taught to rely on themselves. To be independent and hardworking to get land and everything else they want. Most parents these days do not even have that land to give out.



josephmwai157 Even the constitution allows women to inherit land from their parents, whether married or single


ytjacintaYea!a girl child is as important as the boy child,but as for me I will just work to own my wealth eg land but if dad give me I still won’t refuse










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