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‘Barabara si ya mamako’ Ben Kitili shares bruised arm after being hit by car


Tv personality Ben Kitili has shown off a painfully bruised arm that he says was as a result of someone who thinks they own the road.

Ben has shared that he’s “bruised and sore” after being hit by an rogue motorist while riding his bike. He posted a photo of himself on social media on Wednesday morning wearing riding gear, and revealing the injury he had sustained on his left arm.

He shared the photo of the gory injury saying

NAIROBI is one of the most hazardous cities for cyclists. This happened to me two weeks ago – knocked off the road by an idiot of a driver. Non-motorised transport infrastructure is needed. Good manners too. To borrow a quote, barabara si ya mama yako bwana

ben kitli injury
Ben Kitili injury

The father of two is a enthusiast and back in May shared his joy at burning 4,000 calories as his bike pals rode to Isinya.

He wrote

Tour De Isinya with the #NjikiriSquad..106 kilometres, 4,000 calories burned!! was a gudu one gentlemen..

Ben Kitili hosts the Inside Politics segment on KTN, and his passion for political topics has seen him share his thoughts about his disappointment with the state of political debates.

We wish you a speedy recovery Ben and pole sana.

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