They Were Balling: Check Out The Expensive Outfits Sauti Sol Rocked Back In The Day

For the longest time, they have been labelled as the most stylish ninjas in the 254, and who are we to say otherwise. Sauti Sol’s stylist has always gone far and beyond to make them look like superstars with their out-of-this-world fashion.


A while back, however, they received a public backlash for outfits many termed as “mosquito nets”. It was funny at that time and they even laughed at it. But who had the last laugh? Shortly after, their outfits were featured in a UK museum. How cool is that?

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But for them to actually get to afford these outstanding outfits, they had to work tirelessly. Back in the day when they were starting off, they were not earning as much as they are now, not that I know how much they earn but they termed their outfits as expensive by the standards of those days.


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Taking to social media, they expressed how expensive their outfits were back in the day, saying: “These outfits were pretty expensive back then… 100/- for the shirts and 250/- for dem jeans… Haters gerrarahia, you garra go 😂.”

Check out the photo of them rocking the expensive outfits:

Sauti 1

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