Diana Marua smiling

Mother of 2 Diana Marua shows off her banging body in swim wear (photo)

Diana Marua might be a mother of two but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a body to die for. The former model and only bean in Bahati’s githeri stew (an old joke, sue me!) showed off her body to many of her fans and followers yesterday.

Diana and her squad of female friends sneaked out of Nairobi after setting their sights on a beautiful cottage tucked deep in the cracks of Nanyuki.

Diana Marua in Nanyuki
The former model in Nanyuki

She and her friends decided to swim, eat, drink, laugh and have some fun away from their significant others and children. Their definition of a good time was letting loose and going for dips as they watched the sun go down in the evening.

Not only that, Diana showed her banging and curvy body as she wore a tight and tiny swimsuit. She was thick and proud and her thighs were also out for the day. This girl was not about to let her skin stay hidden during her vacay.

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Bibi ya mtoto wa mama hacheki na watu.

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She went in front of the mirror, held her phone up and recorded herself looking super fine in her black get up. The mother of three had on a pair of little booty shorts which showed off her curvy behind.

Diana is taking a break as she has been constantly attacked the past month over claims that she might have had many more lovers before Bahati, something she had denied.

Diana Marua smiling
Diana Marua smiling

Just recently, wife to American Basketball superstar, Stephen Curry, Ayesha decided to flaunt her hot summer body in a tiny swimsuit.

The mother of 3 showed of a considerable weight loss and shocked many on the interwebs considering the conservative nature of the Curry’s

Ayesha Curry
Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry in swimsuit

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