Bahati’s wife continues to show love to her man amid separation rumours

With the DNA test rumour, Bahati’s wife Diana came out on social media showing love and support to the husband and baby after all the media trolls who wanted to know the real father of Heaven is.

Her husband Bahati went on social media to support and protect her after an article written on Mpasho citing a source who claims the gospel singer has demanded for a DNA test to verify if Heaven is his daughter.

He wrote;

RESPECT & STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY!!! – I know You’re Doing all this gain readership but I think you are going too far with this if You can wake Up Create a Story and Publish Just to make headlines. I have lots of Respect for Mature Media And it’s Okey to Discuss Bahati & My Music in any Forum; but Family is Sacred don’t go there for the Sake of Making headlines. Just to remind you that am Now not just mtoto Wa Mama; but a Man and let this be the last time you’re Riding With my Family on a Blog without proof. Let my Wife Recover at Peace and don’t dare write Nonsense about my daughter again!!!”

Bahati is letting people know that he will be there for his wife and child and he will do his duty as a husband.

“It’s a God- Given Duty of every Man to Protect his Woman and Kids; THEY COME FIRST!!! 👨‍👩‍👧 At times They’re What God looks before blessing you🙏 I Love You.”

She also shows her role as a supporting wife as she posted how proud she was of her husband and his career.

“Soo Proud of you Babe @bahatikenya: “GLORY TO JESUS 🙏 Told Ya!!! @EMBRecordsKenya Headquaters will be the best Entertainment Studios in Kenya @MrSeedofficial & @DavidWonderEMB said I should not share the rest Until we Launch But You Know I Love you so Just Follow @EMBRecordsKenya for the Big News.”

She also shared some family moment photos on social media. Have a look at them.

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