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Bahati had a son!? Willy Paul expresses shock at news(exclusive)

Willy Paul and his baby mama, Mali Queen have been blessed with one son whose name is King Damian.

The news of his son broke last year with the singer been very protective of him, keeping him out of the public spotlight.


I asked the singer whether he had heard that Bahati’s new-born son had already amassed a large following on his Instagram page.

Majesty Bahati has close to 27,000 followers on his Instagram page.

NB-No post has been put up on the page!

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I asked Pozze whether that news would prompt him to create a page for his own son?

Willy-Paul with his son King-Damian and his baby mama Mali-queen
Willy-Paul with his son King-Damian and his baby mama Mali-queen

The singer said that he didn’t even know that Bahati had had a son! How could that be?

Willy said that he doesn’t follow the happenings on social media, even telling me that he hadn’t heard about popular Kikuyu musician John De’ Mathew’s death!

He said that he minds his own business and only spends his time online on his own pursuits. Willy, however, congratulated his contemporary on his baby blessing.

Bahati and Diana Marua looking at their son
Bahati and Diana Marua looking at their son

Willy also explained that he would not open a social media account for his son at the moment. His reason was that the Lord had not led him to so.

The singer was also adamant that anyone who had a problem with him should insult him and leave his family out of it.

Willy Paul posing
Willy Pozze

On whether he and Bahati would do a collaboration together, the singer maintained that it was God who ordered his steps and he would follow what He says.

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