Bahati shooting video for Taniua

Do secular in peace without involving and dirtifying the church! Bahati told

Bahati seems to thrive on negative publicity and it seems this article will just add to his fame. Oh well! The gospel singer is in trouble with a section of his fans after dropping a new song dubbed “Taniua” featuring Gengetone group Boondocks Gang.

Cover song for Taniua
Cover image for Taniua

Many fans were left in shock after the EMB President collaborated with Boondocks gang (secular artists) who are well-known for the dirty lyrics in every song they have dropped.

The program reminds me when to sleep – Kenyans say about Bahati’s show

The gospel singer was able to convince the Gengetone group to clean up their lyrics to fit the Church congregation.

Bahati shooting video for Taniua
Bahati shooting video for Taniua

Many Kenyans have since had time to analyse the song and many aren’t impressed with the effort, with many noting that the song lacked spiritual content.

Some of the comments are below;

elvisrix192019 “siuimbe tu genge kuliko ujifanye unaimba gospel….acha kudanganya Mungu brathee”

sylviawangarii ‘Kuja secular bro acha kutupigisha corner ata pozeee alianzaa ivo na bado tunamsupport”

lynn_posha “Pliiiz do secular in peace with involving and dirtifying the church. You even got guts to make fun of the Lord’s Prayer on the cross. I wunt judge but these are the end times people.Stay woke. God is never to be mocked”

kaka_abuu ‘Slowly @bahatikenya loosing content now joins punyetto gang ,, gengetone style 😆😆😆😆”

Bahati posing

lucette_twily “Cos this is exactly wat you wanted… The song is a banger🔥.. Good for commercial bt spiritual is zero zero.. Nway secure that bag Bro watoto ni wengi jst wacha kujificha na jina ya yesu”

evans_mburu “What are those words by odi wa muranga,,, menh you are disappointment, not for the song but for mocking the Bible”

kapelopuya “Bahati wewe ni msani wa gospel na unatoa kolabo na watu wanaimba nonces ati ma punyeto….ii ata si ngoma ni Kiki mna tafta”

The song is already trending at Number 2 on YouTube with over 250K Views at the moment.

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