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I am the biggest gengetone artiste in Kenya! Bahati boldly declares

I think it is safe to say that “gospel” singer Kevin Bahati thrives on controversy.

The musician has been in more dust-ups the last couple of years that if he were a war veteran he would most likely have numerous badges-But I digress.

The singer put himself in the spotlight recently after he ventured a contentious opinion about his position as one of the biggest musicians in Kenya.

Bahati wearing white and blue
Bahati wearing white and blue

In his post, the father of four asked comedian Mulamwah to pursue his passion saying he was not new to trolls, something which helped him grow.

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The singer who normally uses his Twitter page to air his most divisive ideas proffered that he was the biggest gospel and gengetone artiste in Kenya.

“Listen to me bro, if you have a big vision you must die to public opinion. On this trending streets, I never lack my name every three times a week and that is why today I am both the biggest gengetone and gospel artiste in Kenya! So come back, bro! #Mulamwah.”

Bahati smiling
Bahati smiling

While his message might have been in support of comedian Mulamwah(who recently left social media after claiming that he had been cyber-bullied), many didn’t see that and trolled Bahati for his stance that he was the biggest gengetone artiste in Kenya.

While I can see his point about being the biggest in the gospel industry(a genre that has suffered stagnation the last couple of years and is on life support) I can’t agree with his take that he is the biggest gengetone musician in Kenya.

Bahati wearing red
Bahati wearing red

Why? One has to disregard Ethic, Boondocks gang and Ochungulo Family to name but a few. His viewpoint doesn’t stand the scrutiny.

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