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“After leaving gospel music, I don’t have scandals anymore!” Bahati enthuses

Bahati made his breakthrough in the Kenyan entertainment scene with the mega-hit “Mama”. The song made him a household name even among people who didn’t listen to gospel music.

And just like many artists who start from a churchy background, the singer slowly started singing more and more secular music that one would struggle to recognize the boy who had amazed us so with his christian lyrics.

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Now after years of skirting the gray area between the gospel and secular genres, the musician made a bold declaration this month that he had moved to the ‘dark’ side with his song, “Fikra za Bahati”.

In the song, the singer attacked various Kenyan artistes including Ringtone, Khaligraph Jones, Sauti Sol among others. The video for the song rubbed many the wrong way with many complaining about him smoking a cigar.

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From the way he puffed and billowed the smoke, it was evident that he had done it before. Given that he is still perceived as a gospel musician, the smoking video swiftly attracted backlash online.

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Now the entertainer has spoken about why he decided to ditch gospel music for the secular world? The musician disclosed that he felt uncomfortable while on the gospel side because most artists in the ministry are hypocrites.

In a recent TV interview, the artiste said that most secular musicians have a real connection with God unlike many who are in gospel.

He added that he has a better relationship with God and his religion than most people in the gospel music industry.

“Call me an entertainer. Don’t call me a Gospel artiste because that term has been misused, but I am so real with God. I am spiritual. I am deeply connected with God than most of the Gospel artists. When I was in the Gospel industry, I had scandals because they were created. People fought me in the Gospel industry. Nowadays, I don’t have scandals,” Bahati said in a TV interview.

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