Bahati in official wear

I will be the President of this country one day – Bahati promises Kenyans

Can we all agree that Bahati is now trolling Kenyans? I think the singer has reached a place in his life where he has refused to be the victim of the critics and trolls that are constantly on his case – which might be warranted some of the time.

The singer has been on everyone’s lips this past month after the hit song, “Hao” by Khaligraph Jones that put the gospel singer in the limelight in a negative way.

Bahati posing
Bahati posing

In the song, Khaligraph called Bahati mtoto wa Diana, a line that got many Kenyans in delirium thinking that the real O.G had a vendetta with the gospel singer, which wasn’t the case.

Since the song’s release, the “Mama” singer has ramped his social media engagement, becoming a parody of himself; from releasing a video of himself dancing in Diana’s skirt’s and heels to sharing a photo-shopped image of himself being cradled by Diana.

Bahati in a dress

Bahati being held by Diana Marua in the photoshopped image
Bahati being held by Diana Marua in the photoshopped image

While the strategy is solid, there has to be a limit, one where you also start leading the conversation without being on the defensive or the butt of the jokes, which he did yesterday while promoting his new song, Mwisho wa Dunia.

Yesterday, the father of 4 decided to prick his fans and followers on Instagram with a message that was carefully curated to spark a response from the many keyboard warriors who follow him.

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The singer demanded to be respected by the people on Twitter and also promised that he would become the president of Kenya in the future. The messages are below:

“I will be the President of this Country One Day πŸ™ So Tell those Keyboard Warriors on Twitter to Come Srowwree and Address Me With Respect!… hio Ndio Kitu Ya Kwanza Nitafunga Nikiapishwa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #MrBahati.”

Bahati in a black suit
Bahati in a black suit

β€œTwitter is the First thing I will burn Once I’m Sworn in as the President of Kenya. Aki Simnasumbuaaa #BAHATI,” said the father of four in another tweet.

His messages did as intended, with many of his followers attacking him and trolling him. What is interesting is that while they might not like Bahati’s guts, his endgame was achieved -engagement and awareness for his new song.

How about that?

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